Future of Sonar

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Future of Sonar

Postby terryj » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:14 am

Is it time to put Sonar to bed?
I have been using Sonar since Sonar 8.5 and am now using sonar Platinum. I am now thinking of trying a different , more commonly used DAW. This is because in more and more cases, the recording hardware now available , such as keyboards, controller surfaces etc are not compatible with the Sonar software because they fail to update it. I purchased recently a behringer 61 motor keyboard which had it worked with Sonar would have been ideal but of course it didn't. Now I know there are ways round this which involves changing ddl files or the like but this solution is not good because everytime you update Sonar these changes have to be redone.
When i look at the hardware out there that I may be interested in, nothing seems to be entirely compatible with Sonar.
I look at it this way, If I buy a new car say and there is a fault , then i take it back and get it fixed. With software there seems to be an acceptance that any conflict can be sorted out by the user using tweaks on youtube or the like. Why should this be?
Anyway I think that if Sonar is not interested in being compatible with the majority of recording hardware on the market then maybe they have little future.
Every month there seems to be updates from sonar of things we don't really need, but sorting out this lack of compatibility would I think be much more what customers are wanting.
Seems a shame, but i might be forced to look at something different.
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Re: Future of Sonar

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Re: Future of Sonar

Postby skowix » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:26 pm

All software developers suffer the same problem. Each month there are more devices released. On the top of that there are various OS and various devices work differently with other devices. It's difficult to deal with all the combinations.

However if your are software developer you should have seen it coming when you started... There should be a way to deal with compatibility issues. In a perfect world there is always someone keeping eye on new music hardware releases and their specification...
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