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About Us:


Using The Message Boards
To post a message to the message board, click the "Post a Message" button on the front page of each board. You will be taken to a form that you will fill out in order to post your message. Your name and e-mail address are required for all postings. After you preview your message, please click the Post button ONCE. When you get to the Message Added screen, you will have two buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Go to your message" button to see your post, or click the "Message Board Home" button to go to the front page of the message board. If you do not see your message on the front page, click the reload button on your browser. Do not submit another message.

Previewing Messages
A new feature has been added to these boards that enables you to preview your messages before you post them. After you fill out the message information, you will be shown a preview of your message. You will have the opportunity to go back and edit your post before you post it.

Notify Me Via E-mail
If you would like to receive a notification of a post to your message, check this box when posting a message.

Subscribing To A Message Board
You can now have all messages posted to the message board sent to you via e-mail. This will enable you to keep up with the happenings of the board without having to check the board every day. We still encourage you to visit The Cakewalk Forum regularly as things will be changing periodically, and your input is greatly appreciated as many people need help out there.


We do not intend to sensor our message boards but instead we encourage open discussion. We do however reserve the right to enforce these guidelines by restricting those who do not follow these guidelines from posting messages to our boards. We ask that you please follow a few simple guidelines:
  • Post It Once - Please do not post the same or similar message on more than one board, or more than one time on a board. This only crowds the boards and makes things slower. Cross posts will be removed without notice. This means posting a For sale message on the Velo board, and on the Classifieds board. These board track IPs and e-mails and if this becomes a problem we will not hesitate to restrict your access to the boards.

  • Keep Advertising Out - Please do not post commercial advertising for your company or product. Press releases and other pertinent news can be posted on the Announcement boards. If your message has no other value than to let people know that they can purchase a product from you, it will be removed. "We're the best" and other similar messages will be also be deleted. This includes advertisements for other web sites and similar products. Even if you have a FREE service, this kind of posting is not allowed.

  • Keep It Clean - As stated earlier we do not wish to sensor these boards. We do however ask that you do not use vulgarity on these boards. We reserve the right to remove any message that is deemed vulgar in the eyes of our site manager.

  • Keep the Subject Short And To The Point - Please do not submit excessively long subject lines to gain attention. These will be removed.

  • Keep it Legal - We will not tolerate any postings with illegal activity mentioned or suggested. This includes but is not limited to selling/trading hacked or pirated software, libeling commercial businesses, impersonating other individuals who are publicly known or unknown, or any other illegal activity. Messages will be removed as soon as we are aware of them, and the poster could lose posting priveledges.

  • Keep it Cakewalk - Please do not post messages that aren't related to Cakewalk. All other messages will be considered SPAM, and will be removed.

These guidelines are here for the protection of everyone and will be enforced diligently. There is so much "noise" in newsgroups and online forums that we are attempting to keep a clean, well organized environment for everyone. Anyone who cannot abide by these simple guidelines will lose the priveledge of posting to our boards without notification. Users also agree to abide by this agreement before posting to our boards.

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