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Can't output to keyboard

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MIDI Issues Board
Title: Can't output to keyboard
Posted By: Frank
Date: 04/11/2003 at 16:13:24

I just bought Music Creator2003 and MIDI cables to connect via the joystick connector. I am able to record (MIDI) from the keyboard but unable to output to a keyboard. Output to the PC's sound card works fine. I have tried 2 different keyboards and get the same results:

General Music WX2 and Yahama PSR70.

I verified that the keyboards can drive each other. Installed Cakewalk and the cable on another PC with a different type sound card and got the same results. I also tried MIDIOX and the Magix music studio with the same results.

My sound card is a VIA AC'97 audio controller (WDM).

I am running Windows98.
AMD Althon processor
128Meg RAM

In the Cakewalk MIDI Devices dialog:

Input has: "VIA MIDI External Port"
Ouput has: "MIDI Mapper", "VIA MIDI External Port" and Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

When I bring up Cakewalk I often get a popup message:
"The following drivers either do not support the current audio format or are in use by another application.

Game compatible Device
Voice Modem Wave #00 Line
Voice Modem Wave #00Handset"

Am I missing some Windows settings, or could I have a bad cable?I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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