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Sonar & Audigy2

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Sonar Board
Title: Sonar & Audigy2
Posted By: Steve E
Date: 07/22/2003 at 20:22:08

Well, forget virtually everything I've previously asked as the common cause
of all problems with my SonarXL have a direct link to its seeming inability
to work 24bit 96hz with Audigy/Platinum 2.
Changing to 16bit etc solves everything but, I don't want to work 16bit!
The Cakewalk help website suggests, & I quote (literally)...

"SONAR's Wave Profiler doesn't always configure DMA buffer sizes properly
when examining soundcards capable of full 24-bit operation. If your
soundcard is capable of full 24-bit operation, you may have to manually
specify the proper DMA buffer sizes for SONAR. After your soundcard has been
profiled by SONAR, examine the Driver Profiles tab in the Options | Audio
dialog box. If the buffer size values reported there aren't exact multiples
of 3, it is possible that you may experience problems during audio playback
at 24-bits because of this miscalculation. If you experience dropouts,
glitches, stutters, or other audio interruptions during playback at 24-bits,
re-visit this dialog, manually multiply each of the reported DMA buffer size
values by 3, and re-enter the new, larger values into the fields on the
Driver Profiles tab. Then click OK to close the dialog. This should resolve
your audio playback problems."

Needless to say I've tried this & it's simply made the problem worse.
Glitches, stutters etc abound.
I've changed all the buffers by X3, just the 24bit buffers by X3, & only the
24bit Stereo buffers by X3 & the results have always been the same... worse
than the problem I'm trying to solve.
Are there any other Audigy/Platinum 2 users with the answer... please?

No sizes are given. Some of the buffer sizes set as default (having had Sonar cheque Audigy) where not multiples of 3. Having said that, they were not the same as the buffer sizes in the 16bit category either. From this I could only assume Cakewalk meant tripling the figures present, which I did, but upon completion the problem only grew worse with the level meters registering the sounds I tried to record some 3 or 4 seconds after they were played!
On the Sonar buffer page no size (or description) is given except a 3 figure number under what ever sample rate you choose (96000Hz in my case) & alongside a choice of bit sizes (mine 24bit).
Cakewalk says little on its website about Audigy/Platinum-2 other than it's supposedly compatible. I have heard that Audigy-1 was virtually impossible but that was because it played, but did not record at 24bit/96Khz.
I've asked for help on the Sonar-users newsgroup but having done so the group has refused to be connected to.
Do you think someone is playing a game with me?

Steve E.

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