Here's your chance to spout out about suggestions for future versions of Cakewalk/Sonar.
Revolution sa
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Post by Revolution sa » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:14 am

HERE is my Sonar wishlist

Can we have the Loop Construction view/tool be able to save groove clips as Rex files as well, since the file is already sliced,i believe that the Loop Construction tool on Sonar is way better than Recycle. Can you also make RXP player be multi channel +- 16, and since Cakewalk is in partnership with Roland can we please have a drum machine with a step sequencer like eg TR909 with an option to load/import different formats & be able to drag & drop the drum pattern as midi on the track view,Can Roland also make an XV 5080/Phantom softsynth,Can we also have a key command/ short-cut for Quantize eg Q =Quantize.Can we have an audio quantize feature like elastik/beat detective,can we get a beat mapper like the one on ACID & LIVE so we can beat map full audio tracks for remixing AND can we also have a Rock-solid Audio engine to rival Ableton live & Logic, LAST no Crashes!!!!!


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