Audio Click & MIDI Layering

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Audio Click & MIDI Layering

Post by bbarnes » Thu Jan 08, 2004 12:04 pm

Please Please, Please add an audio metronome to Home Studio & sonar. Couldn't you somehow at least route the click that goes to the pc speaker to the audio output stream? Please make this a patch.

MIDI: Please allow a single midi input to be able to control multiple midi outs in real time. (Layering of sound) I think Sonar3 can do this. Please add this to Home Studio.

I think Cakewalk makes a great product. In my opinion the best. As expected it is always getting better.



Re: Audio Click & MIDI Layering

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Post by dhains » Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:50 pm

Surely some one already has a product out there that will do the layering. I am looking to use layering in live performance.

I have been looking for the past week and have found:

1. MidiLang--A midi programming language written several years ago. It does work but not very elegantly. It feels a bit like c-programming.

2. Sound Quest-Miditools--once again an older program. It will split a single channel into multiple channels, but it doesn't give you the tools to set the voices for each channel.

3. Sound Quest-Midi Quest 9--a current tool but not cheep. It includes so much more than the Layering capability, it's like killing flies with a truck.

Has anyone else found a small elegant tool that will do not only the midi mapping but set the voices also?


.wav metronome

Post by F@KER » Fri Apr 16, 2004 11:38 pm

hmmm, maybe I am not understanding you...
But can you not simply copy a clip of perhaps a snare and paste x times, with the snap set to measures?

But if that's not automatic enough for you, go here:

Grab "MetroGnome" (free)

MetroGnome is a little metronome plugin
that plays 2 WAV samples, the "hi" sound
on each first beat, the "lo" sound on all the
other beats of the time signature.

You can of course exchange the WAV
samples, define your own tempo and time
signature and can even send the timing
information back to the host to sync other
plugins (although only Plogue Bidule
supports this at the moment)


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