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"Live" like play back capabilities

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 1:38 am
by F@KER
My wish is that Sonar would either have a "child" app, or a "live playback mode".

What I mean is that Sonar would playback regions on the timeline, like from marker to marker (intro, verse, chorus etc.) and that these could be triggered either by mouse or midi note etc. Kinda like what Ableton Live does. The important element would be that while you are in one region, you could "request" the next region to be played and Sonar would not play it until the current region has played through. This feature would allow you to play as a one man band and make playback decisions "on the fly".

Sonar would run in "slim" mode at this time, running only neccessary components so as to minimized cpu usage to avoid clicks or hiccups during region to region transition. (If this would be a free upgrade, peeps wouldn't be looking so hard at Ableton Live, hehe)

There it is, my wish :)