Ongoing problems with cutting/inserting multiple tracks

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Ongoing problems with cutting/inserting multiple tracks

Postby cadcoke5 » Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:30 am

I have struggled with this issue since I purchased Cakewalk over 10 years ago. Eventually I abandoned the attempt, but every few years the need arises, and I spend a few hours trying to find the answer, to eventually abandon the effort yet again. So, for the lates round, I will describe the end result I want, and perhaps someone can describe the process.

I have a MIDI file with 4 tracks. I want to copy the 1st two measures from all 4 tracks, to use as an introduction. Then, I want to paste all 4 tracks before the 1st measure, with all 4 other tracks moving over to make room.

To try this, I
1)Highlight the selected measures by click-drag just above the track list, those measures are highlighted.
2) I click where I want to insert, by clicking at the very beginning, above the track list. [see the "Track Display after selecting.jpg" drawing attached]
3) I "past special" so that I can check the settings. [The the "Paste menu.jpg" image attached.]

The results are that only the track with the highlighted name is pasted, and all the other tracks are no longer synchronized. In the attached "results.jpg" notice that track 1 starts at measure 8 before I pasted, and now is still starting at measure 8, when it needs to shift over to measure 10.

I tried to slide track 1 over the two measures, but could not find where to insert any empty measures. I also tried to select just the notes in the 1st track, and though I was successful in highlighting just that portion and nothing from the other tracks. Then, I inserted that into the beginning of the 1st track. But, even though I am 100% certain I chose "copy" and not "cut", the portion I copied from track 1 is now missing. Nor was the start of the Midi data on track 1 shifted over. It looks like I did a cut/paste.

The help file does not seem to address teh issue of copy/inserting notes for all tracks at the same time.

What am I missing?
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Re: Ongoing problems with cutting/inserting multiple tracks

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