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Sonar 3

Postby cascade » Wed Oct 06, 2004 5:21 pm

Hello all,

I just bought Sonar 3 and I hate it. I came from a hacked demo version of Vegas Audio 2.0 which I love except for the fact that I can't save wav's where I want. I guess I do alot of loop type work for drums, for example: I take a bass drum hit and copy it back to back down a whole track, and for a guitar part, I'll record it, across a whole part of a song, then cut and paste the best parts over and over.

Last night I started with Sonar 3, and started pulling wavs from other projects. I can't get all my little drum peices to line up correctly no matter which snap option I use. Then when I add a guitar part (which is a wav that is about as long as a verse), I can't drag it into position. I found the slide option, but that is of no use to me. after hours of working with the slide, I still was unable to sync the track up with the drums. I need everything to line up visually, or by snaping to a marker.

Why is Sonar so cumbersome? I can whip up a rough draft of a song with Vegas in well under an hour, but with Sonar I can't even get the drums laid out in tracks in 3 hours?

Does anyone have any tips? Since I can't take the software back, I guess I'll try to make the best of it..


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