No Sound Edirol VSC

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No Sound Edirol VSC

Postby Rance Downer » Sat Nov 20, 2004 7:48 am

Hey all:

I've read the help manual several times and have spent hours and hours trying to get the Edirol VSC to play through my computer speakers.

Any ideas why I can't hear anything?

Here's what I've done

1. I use HP Pavilion computer with Intel Integrated Sound Card
2. I use Sonar 2.2
3. I have created a new Sonar File
4. I have inserted a DXi - Edirol VSC
5. I set the channel, bank, patch on the Edirol Midi track that it automatically created for me
6. I use the Piano Roll
7. When I hit the piano roll keys nothing comes out of my speakers

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I'm about ready to give up Sonar altogether if I can't get it to work in another week or so atleast!

Am I really this stupid, or is this stuff just amazingly complicated????
Rance Downer

Re: No Sound Edirol VSC

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Postby Guest » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:35 am

Hmmm. Sounds like most things in Sonar are set up OK.
Find a simple MIDI file of any kind and load it up. Set the tracks' outputs to the VSC. Hit Play. Still nothing? If you set the tracks to the default GM sounds of the soundcard, do they sound? If they do, and you hear other WAV's from any source...this next part may not apply.

Is your soundcard's mixer set up properly? There should be some sort of a speaker or mixer icon in the lower right of your taskbar. Open that up so you can see all the mixer options.
Make sure that the Main Volume, MIDI volume, and WAV volume are all activated and turned up. (While you are in there, enable and adjust anything else you may use...CD, Input, etc., and DISable anything you know you won't and turn those down. If unused stuff is enabled and turned up, it may just add noise.)

Obviously, you have chosen VSC as an output source, or it wouldn't have been available in the tracks. I think that routes through the WAV/Direct Sound section of your mixer. (It's first cup o'joe...I think I have this straight.)

If you have done this already....I dunno, at the moment.

Good luck,

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