Synth Recording???

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Synth Recording???

Postby bassout » Mon Dec 13, 2004 4:11 pm

I'm a newbie to the whole production side of things... I've recorded at my friends home studio and he uses cakewalk. I'm trying to decide b/w cakewalk or getting a multitrack hard disk recorder...

Is there anybody that uses both? I have the money to spend on both, but don't want to waste money if I don't need to. Is it true that the hard disk recorders produce better quality recordings?

Also, when I record at my friends... he always has to remember which sound he uses on his synth to play them back in cakewalk (before he has finalized the song)... is that necessary?

Any comparisons between the two recording methods are welcome.
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Re: Synth Recording???

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Software vs Hardware for record/mix

Postby darenw » Fri Apr 15, 2005 5:26 am

Hmm, seems like that question ought to have gotten some lively responses with real-world street smarts...but oh well. My 1.5 cents:

I've recorded and mixed with pure software (Sonar) and with pure hardware (Tascam Portastudio, uses cassette) and have toyed with a hard disk recorder (my ex-girlfriend's). In general, i dislike digital hardware mostly becuase of the silly button-pushing one has to do - getting in and out of various modes, pumping tiny buttons to get to some item listed in a tiny window, etc. Analog hardware, or digital hw that does a good job of pretending to be analog, is better in that there's usually one knob for one thing. The three surving neurons in my brain like that. In contrast, software can present a sophisticated, easy to use GUI. Nothing is as easy as drag-and-dropping pieces of waveforms. An amazing number of capabilities can be built into software, and it is more explorable.
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