OUT OF MEMORY error message please help

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OUT OF MEMORY error message please help

Postby TomTay » Thu Mar 03, 2005 4:12 am

my system windows 98se
p4 2.4 asus mb 533 fsb
512 ram
80 gig hd 93% free
cakewalk pro9
1 delta 1010
after recording six tracks into cakewalk i tried to right click in the effects
and add thecompressor/limiter i get the error message out of memory.
what kind of memory is this , can i allow more memory to be used if so how. or do i need more ram. what do i need to add or change to stop this out of memory. i just found out it is only the fx i downloaded to cakewalk (the compressor gate-the expander gate and the dynamics processor) that cause the error message i can still use the original effects that came with the program without any problem, but i still would like to remedy the no memory problem.
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Re: OUT OF MEMORY error message please help

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Postby andychap » Thu Mar 03, 2005 6:33 am

It sounds like an error with the plugin. You definately have enough memory, you can't add any more under Win98 anyway. I think 512 is the limit.

Report the error to Cakewalk themselves and see if they have a fix.

This is what they advise when you have tried everything without success.

Eliminating Kernel32 and Other Stubborn Error Messages When Using Cakewalk 7.0x, 8.0x, and 9.0x

These instructions should be used only after you have exhausted all other possibilities, such as searching our website and newsgroups for help that's specific to your error message. Try clicking this link to access the Cakewalk Support Search page.

If you've tried our other suggestions and still need help, try the following steps. These steps are used by Cakewalk technical support professionals to solve the most stubborn crashes and error messages.

Install new drivers

* Download and install the latest drivers for all your soundcards, MIDI interfaces, and video cards. Once done, proceed to step number 2 below.

Delete initialization files

* Choose Start | Find | Files or Folders, and change the Look In to the drive where Cakewalk is currently installed.
* Next type in the file name TTSAUDDX.INI (versions 7 and 8) or CW9AUDDX.INI (version 9), and hit Find Now.
* Left Click on the file's icon once to select it and press delete on your keyboard.
* Go back to Find | Files or Folders, and type TTSSEQ.INI.
* Delete this file as well.

Disable SoundFont Manager

* Locate the file SFMAN32.DLL in your Windows directory and rename it SFMAN32.OLD.
* Restart the computer and try Cakewalk again.

Delete Normal.tpl

* Locate and delete the file NORMAL.TPL from the Cakewalk directory, then relaunch Cakewalk.

Registry clean and reinstall of Cakewalk

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, proceed to the steps outlined below.

Scan Disk
Run ScanDisk on all the hard drives used in your computer. Allow ScanDisk to complete a thorough scan.

Uninstall Cakewalk
Next, you should completely un-install Cakewalk from your computer (this will not remove any of your files or data). This can be done by choosing Start | Programs | Cakewalk | (your version of Cakewalk) | Uninstall Cakewalk.

To make sure nothing else is running while installing Cakewalk in the final step, choose Start | Run and type MSCONFIG. Click OK, choose Selective Startup, then uncheck the Load Startup Group Items box. Click OK, and restart Windows. You can always recheck that box at a later time. Restart your computer.

Registry Clean

* Click the Windows Start Button and select Run. At the prompt type REGEDIT and click OK.
Backup your Registry before making edits - you do this by clicking the Registry menu, Export Registry File.
* Now delete the following Registry keys
o HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software

Reinstall Cakewalk
Restart your computer, then reinstall Cakewalk and any updates.

This should eliminate any software irregularities that are causing your problem.
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error message

Postby TomTay » Sat Mar 05, 2005 1:39 am

thanks for you help. i reinstalled pro 9 audio and the problem fixed itself i am using windows 98 because i could not get the delta 1010 to work with xp pro. I did not want to try a reinstall because i had just recorded a group and i was afraid i would loose the files but i finally discovered i could save the files as bundle and save to cd. and reload them back into cakewalk. Tom
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Postby andychap » Sat Mar 05, 2005 12:12 pm

Good news :D

I amsuprised the delta 1010 doesn't work in XP. I know of other using the card. Are the drivers the latest available?
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