VSTi recording to audio

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VSTi recording to audio

Postby FruitNut » Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:41 pm

I've been searching all day, but still can't seem to find answers to my question:

Is it possible to record a VSTi directly to an audiotrack? I'm not talking about a premade MIDI track export to audio scenario. I want to be able to play my B4 VSTi in real time and record on the fly to audio.

When I route my VSTi output to an audio track input the record button is disabled, so that's not the way to go. Or am I just missing something here?

Also, I don't own a MIDI keyboard (yet), so I'm restricted to my PC keyboard. How do I configure the keyboard to work with my VSTi in Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro3, Home Studio etc.

Please be specific... thanks
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Re: VSTi recording to audio

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