Yet another session drummer question

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Yet another session drummer question

Post by RichBrad » Sun Apr 24, 2005 8:49 pm

So, I'm using Cakewalk Home Studio and have the session drummer all set up, press the play button, hear my track fine. It is using an Yamaha PSR630 and sounds fine. I have saved it as a "song" in the session drummer box and now I want to apply it to a track in my project. I used the "Rock Quartet" preset for the project and want to put my newly created drum session in track 4. So I go to the console view and then drop down the Process menu but the "Apply Midi Effect" selection is greyed out. I have track 4 selected as the current track. It's track properties are set for it to output to midi channel 10. My instrument is setup for the Yamaha XG on all 16 channels, with the XG Drums selected for channel 10.

I don't have much hair left to pull out, but I just can't find anything obvious, but again I am new at this. Is it possible that Home Studio won't do this if there is nothing recorded in the other three tracks. I figured that I would first get my drum track down, then add the bass.


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How to select a track for Session Drummer

Post by SeaMower » Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:23 am

This drove me nuts for like 40 hours, too. I Googled all over. I finally accidentally saw that to select the track in Track view, you have to click on the Track Number on the far left. It changes to green. Then it is truly selected for Session Drummer, and probably a bunch of other stuff, too. Then the Apply MIDI Effect is no longer greyed out.

Oh, and you don't hafta save it as a Song 1st, either. Just select the Patterns you want, close Session Drummer, and then select the Track as above, and Vie-ola, you're there.


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