Audio click synch problem

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Audio click synch problem

Postby shusbands » Tue May 24, 2005 3:02 am

Hi all - newbie here. I'm struggling with an aspect of Sonar 4 namely:

I'm trying to use the audio click, which I can hear very nicely, but it
doesn't seem to be synching up with the time line.

I have the time signature set to 4/4 and when I click 'record' to record
something, the click is starting properly, but for every 4 clicks ( with the
first click louder as expected ) it's counting 2 measures in the time line.
The time line seems to have sped up to double the speed. I only want one measure to pass - ie. 4 beats to the measure.

I switch to midi click ( I can hear this fine too ) it seems to work fine
ie. 4 clicks to every measure. But I don't want to use the midi
click.......can anyone tell me how to get the audio click to line up with
the measures properly? Thanks!

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Re: Audio click synch problem

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Postby aljordan » Wed May 25, 2005 3:34 pm

The tempo that you hear in Sonar is synced to the tempo of your project. If you are recording audio (not midi) then you can double or half your tempo in the toolbar as needed to set the metronome correctly.

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