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everything slows

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 7:23 am
by munkal
HI. This is my first post.
I am a beginner with sonar. I'm trying to record vocals into a project that has midi tracks. However when I switch on record on the audio track and then try to record, the midi tracks slow down to something like 1/4 speed which makes them pretty useless for timing. :x Is this normal? I recorded some voice anyway but when played back the whole thing (midi and audio) are still real slow. By audio being slow I mean it's like I lowered the frequency so its deeper too.
Is it a hardware problem? cause the cpu meter is only reaching about 14%.
Any input will be appreciated

didn't think forum would be slower than my audio

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 5:49 am
by munkal
Wow....this forum really is as slow as they say....
i just had something to add..I don't know why but it appears that my audio is recording at a really slow speed, when I speed it up in soundforge it sounds close to normal, but when played in sonar it's slowed down ....why is this?