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Postby Blooddrinker » Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:31 pm

Thank the Gods for this forum! Succinctly:

I imported an audio file to a project. A drum loop. I then recorded a keyboard part over the top of it on a seperate track. I recorded both. (I did not play along to the metronome nor do I know how to synch the metronome to the loop). When I played back what I recorded the loop and the keyboard part were out of synch. Not a latency thing ether. I know what that is. You could clearly see on super magnification that both waves were identical on the timeline grid. Why aren't they in synch?

Also, on another project when I tried to drag and drop a guitar part on a specific point over another imported wave it would only drop on measures points. I needed to drop in on a precise part of the wave that dd not alig itself wit the begining and or endng of a measure. I could not fine tune the ??? (whatever it's called) Double help!!!!!!!!

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