left and right panning

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left and right panning

Postby t1t5 » Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:49 pm

hi to everyone.
please can someone tell me if it possible to play a midi file consiting of drums, bass, piano but i want to play it as follows
drums only on the righthand speaker
bass, piano on the lefthand speaker.

if it is possible and you have changed it to do so, can it be saved that way so the next time it is played it plays in the way you have saved it and does not revert back to full stereo. the reason i would like to have it played this way is because i will use the track in the a band and want the piano and bass to come out of the main speakers which will be on the righthand side of the stereo lead from my laptop and the lefthand lead to a different speaker to use as as a clik track for the drumer

thanks for your time t1t5
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Re: left and right panning

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