Playing MIDI tracks

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Playing MIDI tracks

Postby Paul T. » Sun Mar 12, 2006 8:43 am

I'm just getting started with Sonar. I can record and play audio, and I can record MIDI, but I can only get the MIDI tracks to play on my keyboard.
I have an M Audio AP 192 soundcard. I also have a Behringer UB1204 mixer. The outs of the soundcard are connected to the mixer and I monitor through a desktop stereo system. (This will have to suffice until I can afford a set of monitors) I also have a keyboard connected the soundcard with MIDI in and out.
Anyway, no matter what Output I choose for a MIDI track in Sonar, when I play the track it plays through the speakers on the keyboard. I want to play the MIDI tracks through my strereo. Audio tracks play through the stereo with no problem.
What's really frustrating me is I had it working fine a couple of days ago, but now I just can't get the MIDI tracks to play, except through the keyboard.

In the help files it says you can route midi data directly to the soundcard to play through your monitors, or through the soundcard MIDI port to the keyboard. But how can I route the tracks "directly through the soundcard to my monitors?"
My options in the MIDI tracks output fields are DELTA AP 192 MIDI, or 2-MPU-401 (what is that?) and New Drum Map. Whatever I choose the MIDI tracks play through my keyboard, and not through the mixer like audio tracks do.

Paul T.
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Re: Playing MIDI tracks

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Postby andychap » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:01 pm

The MPU-401 will be the game port on your PC which is also enabled for midi.

Midi is not sound it is just data that triggers sounds in another device. You have been triggering the sounds on your Keyboard with it.

You will need to use a softsynth the generate sounds. You don't say what version of Sonar you are using but 4 and 5 come with TTS-1 and earlier versions come with the Edirol VSC.

Try following the routine in this thread and see if you have more success. That thread was geared toward drums but it also applies to any other instrument.
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Postby Paul T. » Tue Mar 14, 2006 7:03 am

Andy! You did it!
I followed the thread you linked and it got me on the right track. I am now listening to my MIDI tracks through my stereo.
It's music to my ears!
I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions here, good job.
The learning curve for audio engineering is a steep one eh?

Paul T.
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