recording anomolies

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recording anomolies

Postby forbesbell » Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:11 pm

Hi, I've just stated using CW home studio 4, with a m-audio duo usb external sound card. I am trying to record audio only, as I play lots of instruments and thought it would be fun (Ha Ha) to record multi tracks. There are too many frustrations to mention here, but one of the strangest happens when I record. It is like all the jokes you here, the punch line is always on the 3rd attempt, The first two "recordings" never register, but when I try the 3rd time, it records. I don't do anything different, so what am I doing the first 2 times to fail so miserably. Is this stuff common with cakewalk<
Also, Is there a manual you can buy to show you how to use this thing. I believed all the intuitive crap on the sales pitch.

Re: recording anomolies

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