96K and Sonar

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mr. torture
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96K and Sonar

Post by mr. torture » Sun May 27, 2007 7:17 pm


Ok, I have Sonar 6 (Producer) A brand spankin' new computer with a duo processor. 320gig HD, 2gig's of ram. XP Pro..

The operating system, and BFD (used as rewire) are the only programs on this computer.

I use MOTU Ultralite running 24 bit 96k.

I tried to record a simple bass line and all I hear is crackling / clipping. It sounds like I am peaking the level, but it's not...It does this at low volumes as well.

I tried to loop the clip and it went all nutty on me, started changing pitch??

I am using MOTU ASIO drivers and have set it to 1024, 24 bit, 96K

I played with the scrubbing tool and heard no static / clipping??

I am new to computer recording, please be gentle.....

Re: 96K and Sonar

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Post by HDB » Sun May 27, 2007 11:41 pm

Probably because your computer needs tweaked. Also, it's a waste to record at 24/96 for what you probably want to do.

Go here:


Use the search function to find answers to both. Join and ask questions.There are more people alive over there.


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