drums in sonar?

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drums in sonar?

Postby majohnboy » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:00 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm just getting back into the recording scene after paying too much for our band to record a demo. Anyway, I keen to be able to to gigs using a recorded drum track and I was wondering if you would recommend sonar for this. I have sonar 5 producer and I have FLStudio 7. FL is pretty good but it cant (as far as I know, and i have done quite a bit of searching) do velocity hits on the drums that actually do more then just change the volume of the sample. As in, when you hit the snare hard, it should have more attack on it.

Can sonar do this and can i import whatever sounds I want into sonar so that I can make something that i could be confident using for a gig?

Thanks alot

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Re: drums in sonar?

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