What Software and interface Do I Need? Compose/Record

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What Software and interface Do I Need? Compose/Record

Postby Fulcanelli » Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:59 pm

I must confess, I know absolutely NOTHING about music software, other than the notation type (Finale, Sibelius G7) and don't know where to start.

I want to do two things:

Record solo guitar
Program music.

I realize I will need some sort of interface to get my guitar signal into the computer. What is the best way to proceed with recording solo acoustic guitar? Mike?

Program Music
I'd like to 'compose' using software. I once owned a Boss drum machine. It was similar to the DR-770 and I could program it for four parts. Something along those lines would be nice, but I was thinking I don't want to be confined to four parts, and I also don't want to be confined to a quartet style (drums/bass) music.

While out buying a movie a few weeks ago, I saw Cakewalk Music Maker on the shelf. I talked to the salesman and told him what I wanted to do and he told me this program would do those things. I believed him and figured for $40 I could play around a bit.

I downloaded the software and it doesn't recognize my sound card (which is nothing special) so I basically have some software that doesn't do anything. I'm not even sure what I bought and what it's supposed to do. It talks about plugging an electric guitar into the headphone jack, and that doesn't seem to do anything.

I obviously need an introduction to music software (know any good overview books?) and also can anybody tell me the programs I need to play around? I've heard of Pro Tools and that's a bit costly for me at the moment. I just want to play a while before I commit to any serious investments.

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Re: What Software and interface Do I Need? Compose/Record

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Postby HDB » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:28 am

People here should probably recommend Cakewalk products, which are very good products.

A good FireWire or USB interface, and a decent pre-amp and a good condenser mic or two would be good.

For more info, go to a site that has more activity, and more info on more products:


Ask those same questions in the Budget Gear or Home Project Studios section...to start. Then you can graduate to the other forums :wink:

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