Why are all my tracks out of sync with eachother? (Sonar 7)

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Why are all my tracks out of sync with eachother? (Sonar 7)

Postby Dancing for noone... » Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:36 am

I've got a really annoying problem in that anything past the first track I record is out of sync with it?

Everything seems fine when I'm recording but afterwards the second track is always a little late.

Could somebody please help???

Dancing for noone...
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Re: Why are all my tracks out of sync with eachother? (Sonar 7)

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Postby harriswhistles » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:43 pm

I'm experiencing the exact same problem. I'm using a Sound Blaster Audigy SE, so I'm wondering if it's just that my sound card is too cheap and junky.

When I record my 2nd track along with my 1st track, during playback, the 2nd track drifts more and more ahead of the 1st track. It's almost like my sound card is dropping some samples when it records, making everything shorter in duration, therefore seeming to have a faster tempo. I'll write back if I can find a solution to this problem.
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Postby CarlosCoimbra » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:09 pm

Try to put the Adio card as: master controler

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