fed up with cakewalk.

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fed up with cakewalk.

Postby steve17 » Thu Apr 17, 2008 4:34 pm

hi all,

i'm having a hard time and feeling ripped off by cakewalk. i saw the adds for session drummer 2 and thought an upgrade was a good idea! i own s6 studio so it was for this i upgraded. i have long had a drum machine but i've never used it. i liked the look of this new drum sequencer. and it looked easier to use.
after buying s7 studio i was disapointed as there are only 4 drum kits. where are the other kits?
anyway i saw this web page...

http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Sessio ... 2/keys.asp

"Over 55 drum kits in varying styles" ahhh. so the s7 studio version is a cut down (le) version as usual?

i had a feeling something wasn't right though. odd i thought i'll email them surely i can trust cakewalk to advertise correctly? i sent 2 emails. over a good few days wait. the first asking if s7 studio was a cut down or le version. no answer. second email could they please list all the drum kits included ie. electro, dance etc. no answer. i decided to put my trust in them and paid £50 for a download (as a weekor so had past.) not even on cd.

so my prayers are answered? after installation you are told in the spartan help file that there are only 4 kits!!! that which i already own in s7 studio. there are not "55 kits" at all. after a good few days of time wastingi am told there are no refunds for downloads and the webpage is correct. in england we have trading standards. i am pretty annoyed. i have a lengthy email to put up if need be. in which the words "presets" and "drum kit sounds" by cakewalk is bandied about. their webpage says "55 drum kits."

my big question is:

is this misleading and worthy of a refund or am i being unreasonable. i feel like sending s7 studio back as i have not registered it as i was thinking it was an le version of session drummer 2. if i don't get my £50 i am. going to go my own way with a few things an spare never to buy from these peoples again.

anyone with legal skills out there. there is no redress here. good constructive comments only please.
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Re: fed up with cakewalk.

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