start playback externaly

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start playback externaly

Postby jetstream » Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:51 pm

Hi All.
I have been using sonar 6 for quite some time but have not used a controler until recently.
I have not needed to as I used my keyboard, I play live using a laptop and an emu sound card which works fine. I freeze all the audio and soft synths etc to avoid proccessor overload and it all works great.
I am ditching the keyboard and starting to use a controler. Berhinger uma25s. It is Ideal for my needs as you can wear it like a guitar or Keytar.
What I want to do is use the play button on the controler to activate a song in sonar. I have a playlist set up so all I need to do just now is hit the space bar on the laptop and bingo my next song starts.
What i want to do now is just press the play button on the uma25 instead.
Should be simple but I can't sem to get it to work.
I can control volume and paramaters fine so I know the unit communicates.
I have looked at the project settings and it seems you can only use the mmc setting to control devices externaly and not vice versa.
It should be simple but I am stuck.
thanks in advance
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Re: start playback externaly

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