Full Up ???

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Full Up ???

Postby romulus » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:21 pm

I have the Pro-Audio 9, everything is excellent, I have a few numbers recorded entirely and mixed-down, transferred to a playlist, burned to a cd and effectively redundant now.
When I did the next number, it went wonderfully well and we were pleased as punch until, clicked on Mix-down and it came up with,'not enough space to save' or words to that effect.
I checked the pie chart thing to see the amount of disc space and we are currently about one quarter full. I would like to delete the older tracks anyway, but, as they are 'saved as', then I cannot delete apparently. Also, there are numerous things on the Cakewalk programme that I do not need at all, can these be safely deleted as well as the songs. ???
I am not very proficient at the P.C., so be kind....
The book that came with the Cakewalk disc is very good, but, this has defeated me and is causing all manner of delays. I have no other stuff on the P.C. including internet, it is just for recording only. :?
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Re: Full Up ???

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