click bleed. need help

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click bleed. need help

Postby jack50 » Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:29 pm

hello, i am using sonar 6 producer and i have a bit of a problem. i use midi tracks for my band so i typically download pre-made midi tracks of the tune we want to perform.
next i pan all instruments that i want to keep to the right channel and replace the drum track with a cowbell (click) on the left channel.
when we play live , the mp3 version of the midi is split so that the click goes to the drummer's ear and the rest of the instruments goes to the p.a.
the problem i am having is that awefull click bleeding to the right channel which gets put through the p.a. to the audience.
there must be a step by step procedure to remove the bleed. i just want right to be right and left to be left. i've messed with removing effects to messing with events list (blindly adjusting things) hoping to get the right mix but nothing eliminates the bleed.
please help. i don't know enough about this program to figure this out .
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Re: click bleed. need help

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