Newbie: Can Cakewalk do this?

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Newbie: Can Cakewalk do this?

Postby Colin Munn » Fri May 08, 2009 9:54 am

Hope this isn't a really dumb question.

I'm looking for a software solution to allow me to record audio from a guitar synth which I can loop and subsequently layer/overdub in realtime. I've tried using a loopstation pedal but the sound quality is poor.

I thought maybe ableton might be the best software option but its user interface is pretty difficult to navigate. CW is more staight forward to use but I don't know if it has the functionality I'm looking for, and which of the many versions might be able to do what I need. Given the price of CW & ableton I'd really appreciate any advice before I buy.

Thanks for any help.

Colin Munn
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Re: Newbie: Can Cakewalk do this?

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