Need some help from the educated Musicians here !!!!

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Need some help from the educated Musicians here !!!!

Postby keyboard » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:38 pm


I am having a difficult time understanding the concept...Please allow to explain......I cannot see any midi in the Device........

I have a Yamaha PSR-2000 that is hooked up to a Yamaha MW12 USB Mixing studio. The only communication I have with the Mixer is the Left and Right output from the keyboard to the Mixer using 1/4 end jacks...

When I go to "options\midi devices", in Sonar, I see nothing in "inputs" and "outputs".

I am still new to this as you can see , do I need any other module to use midi? I also have the Yamaha UX96 Midi Interface.....Do I need to install that for Sonar to see midi? Can I have both at the same time?

I am sorry for the simple questions but I am not grasping this concept yet !!!

So I guess that I am asking:

1) Is the Yamaha MW12 Mixer, the only tool that I would need , to communicate with Midi and Audio?

2) If Not, please tell me what I can do?

Many thanks
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Re: Need some help from the educated Musicians here !!!!

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Postby davetrumpet » Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:33 am

Have you installed drivers for your hardware?
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