Getting started with a previous project in Sonar

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Post by ColdConcept » Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:47 pm

Hi Guys! So im sorry too post this but i am just starting out with Sonar 8 and i would love some guidance on the Synthrack issue and the 16 midi channels. I have a project which i exported from Fl Studio (which was my previous sequenzer) and i now have about 36 Midi tracks that i export into Sonar 8 to rework the tune. NOW comes the confusing part to me, i have about 23 Synths in the project, but only 16 midi channels.

Now themidi tracks that i use normal wav samples on can be put into simple audio tracks containing the wav samples correct?

I cant possibly be limited to only 16 Synth`s in one project? People say" no you are only limited too 16 midi channels) but that really confuses me cause i need more than 16 midi channels too play what i have in the piano rolls. I mean, that answer in itself wasnt useful at all cause it didnt adress my question :P

How can i add 23 different synths which i attach to 23 different midi/piano roll tracks? im not using any external devices so dont worry about that, everything is finished data in the project files and nothing needs recording.

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