Hi/ Help needed RE-Ckwlk 3 recording problem.

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Hi/ Help needed RE-Ckwlk 3 recording problem.

Post by boggle » Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:38 pm

Hi,like a lot of forum members I play the guitar and other instruments,write a few songs and who knows maybe someone may like the music I make. I started out with reel to reel as a recording medium,but as you know whilst its hands on,easy to use etc its expensive. So like many before me I have had to record on the PC. However unlike some of you I came to computing (and PC recording) later in life and as a consequence,I find it hard to say the least;especially the terminology.

So to my query,I have Cakewalk Music Creator 3,I,ve installed it on my PC but I,m unable to record audio. Thats all I want it for. I am using the PC,s soundcard for now,I have the soundcards ID in the input and output pane. I,ve checked the cables,I,ve set the various parameters IE bit depth etc. But all I,m getting is a small signal on the input meter,but not one that responds to changes in input signal (I,m using a Fostex mixing desk with the stereo out to the PC) Any help/input would be most appreciated.

All the best,Andy.

Re: Hi/ Help needed RE-Ckwlk 3 recording problem.

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