Trying to record using a Behringer console

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Trying to record using a Behringer console

Postby musichik_nz » Sun Oct 26, 2003 4:37 am

well, after much pulling of hair and waving of fists, I managed to get Cakewalk to do everything it should be...
However, yesterday I bought a little mini mixing-console with 12 channels and I'm trying to record, for example vocals, through this console into Cakewalk...HOW DO I DO THIS?! :p
I managed to get it hooked up to my computer, and I think it's correct, because I can definitely hear my voice through the computer's speakers, when using a microphone input in the console.
Therefore, I should be able to record into cakewalk, right? Well, it ain't working, so how do I set up *cakewalk* to receive signals from the console? Such as my voice?

Re: Trying to record using a Behringer console

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