Setting Up M-Audio Mobile Pre w/ Cakewalk

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Setting Up M-Audio Mobile Pre w/ Cakewalk

Postby theloanman » Sun Nov 16, 2003 6:18 am

I have a M-Audio Mobile Pre USB and am using Cakewalk Home Studio 2002. Everytime I Open Cakewalk it gives me the error "The following Drivers either do not support the audio format, or are in use by another application". I have the Creative Sound Blaster Live Sound Card. How might I fix this problem? Can anyone help? Thanks

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Re: Setting Up M-Audio Mobile Pre w/ Cakewalk

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Mobile Pre USB- Cannot Use WDM Drivers in Cakewalk !

Postby Dino » Mon Dec 08, 2003 3:51 am

I just got rid of that MobilePre Card. It was a nightmare, sorry to say. You can only use the card by forcing the MME drivers in Cakewalk (Sonar). There is no help for this problem amongst many other problems I have had with that card. I got the card about 3 weeks ago. Sent it back last week. Had problems with Latency, Drivers and VXD Startup errors. I tried the card with 3 different PC's with 3 different Operating Systems (98SE, ME & XP), all had a new set of problems. It's either the Drivers or it being a USB card but there is a definite problem. M-Audio should know better. I'm not the only one with the problem either. Do a search on this site for MobilePre USB and read all about it. I'll give you my e-mail, if U have any questions about THAT card. For your sake, I hope it all works for you but you can't use WDM Drivers with Cakewalk & that card.

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