H/S 2002 - help needed

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H/S 2002 - help needed

Postby Guest2 » Wed Nov 19, 2003 7:44 pm

I am new to this all and I need help please !
I am using Home Studio 2002 with an Audiohile 2649 audio card and a Roland E-35 keyboard. This keyboard has an upper, lower, manual bass and manual drums mode. When I record in MIDI I do 1 track first with an Instrument that I chose from the software (not on the keyboard). I play the keyboard in "upper" mode. I then record a second track on a second channel, playing the keyboard in "lower" mode. From here on I have the problem that when I record subsequent tracks the keyboard plays more than one sound,i.e. the instrument I selected in the software as well as the sound of the instrument selected on the keyboard. ( I DO have "Local" switched off on the keyboard). When I play back what I have recorded though, it does not play double sounds. Obviously there is something about the whole concept which I do not understand or the E-35 is not a suitable keyboard ??

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