Win7 64-bit, Sonar8 and SB Extigy

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Win7 64-bit, Sonar8 and SB Extigy

Post by Weekay » Mon May 12, 2014 3:26 pm

I'm trying to get the configuration mentioned in the title to work with Sonar 8. I have installed Asio4All and I'm using it. I can get Sonar to record my guitar playing (guitar hooked to Line-In of Extigy) but the problem is I cannot hear anything, if I press play there is no sound but I can see that it has recorded, there is "audio wave" (sorry english is not my native tongue). I have set playback timing master to Extigy and of course recording as well. If I use Guitar Rig 3 as stand-alone application it also works but not when trying to use it with Sonar 8.

Any tips? I can get Sonar to work with integrated card but there is too much electric noise when recording via Line-in while with Extigy sound is clear with only very very little background noise so obviously I would like to use it.

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