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upgrade information

Postby ROCKIN-TJ » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:19 am

firstly hi to all.
I have used sonar 4 home studio for many years as it was all I needed at the time and the computer I had could just about manage to run it fairly well.
the computer I used is now on its last legs so I am going to get a up to date computer which will be able to run the newer versions I have used 8.5 producer and I liked it but the old computer did not have what it needed to run it.
am I able to upgrade from my old copy of sonar 4 to any version or do I have to up grade to the newest version.
I have been to the cakewalk site and have tried to get an answer from there but can not find out any info for an up grade from sonar 4.
thanks tj
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Re: upgrade information

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Re: upgrade information

Postby Origami » Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:59 pm

Hey Rockin, as long as your version of Home Studio was registered with them, you can upgrade it. If your 8.5 was registered I think thats even better. I don't know the exact prices but the way they work it is that if you are registered, the closer you are to the new version the less expensive it is for you. However HS4 is SO old now, I'm pretty sure it'll fall under the "all other versions" category and that only gets you like $50 or poss 100 off. And yes- all they sell is the most current version. It wouldn't make financial sense for them to sell the older versions. Keep in mind that its HomeStudio and NOT SONAR. I've got a friend that works there and he tells me that peeps get them confused ALL the time. If you aren't registered with them, no discount. So if u never registered but still have the serial number, then register now. If it's someone else's version you are using- it's likely already registered. You can call (or email) them and ask that. I have in the past, when I got a copy at a yard sale. They were cool about it as the copy was ten years old anyway. Hope this helps.
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