multitrack recording issue

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multitrack recording issue

Postby drumshanbo » Fri Dec 12, 2003 2:25 am

i was wondering if it is possible to listen to one previously recorded track while recording a seperate track that will later be matched up and mixed in with the original.

what i want to do is add some harmonic bits to a previous recording, but instead of trying like hell to guess the timing right while making a seperate recording, i want to play along with the original while its recording.

and if that's possible, how can i mix the two together?

any help would be very much appreciated :D

Re: multitrack recording issue

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Postby Guest » Fri Dec 12, 2003 2:37 am

this is for cakewalk pro audio 9.03

Postby GretscGuy » Fri Dec 12, 2003 12:39 pm

Yes, this is very possible.

2-18 through 2-27 in your ProAudio 9 manual will explain exactly how to do this.

Basicly, you want to record on one port of your card (ex SoundCardL) while listening on a different port (SoundCardR).

Check out the pages above and if you have any questions, I'll be glad to help you. It basicly has to do with port settings.

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Postby Guest » Fri Dec 12, 2003 4:26 pm

hey, thanks for your help :D

i'll give it a try.

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