Questions about emailing projects.

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Questions about emailing projects.

Postby Mark122 » Sat Dec 20, 2003 4:39 pm

When emailing tracks to someone else, (i.e. Pro Audio 9):

-Do you have to do it via Outlook Express?
-Can attachments be sent via a web-based email account (i.e. AOL)?
-Are there limits to the size of attachments (in both scenarios)?
-Is there actually a feature in PA9 that allows you to set up for emailing?
-If a (average size) project is sent via dial-up, does anyone know how long it takes to send?

Thank you in advance for any input.
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Re: Questions about emailing projects.

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Postby GretscGuy » Sat Dec 20, 2003 6:52 pm

Hi Mark,
Great questions. Whenever you are exchanging files from ProAudio, you always want to save your project as .bun . This will include all of your projects audio, video, etc...

You don't have to send projects via Outlook Express, you could use pretty much any mail client.

The size limit is not determined by Outlook, but by your isp (as well as the isp of the person recieving it).

It would take a long time if you had any audio in it. Figure dialup is a 56k (at best) connection and a stereo wav file at 44.1/16 is 10MB! This wouldn't count the (reletivley small) size of the PA file.

I have two simple ways that I use to exchange files:
1- I put them on my FTP server with an annonomous login so that anyone can get them
2- Send someone a cd with a .bun on it. You can send a disc priority (3 days) for about 3.85 or overnight for about 13.00.

I don't think email would work very well for you.
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