Can I get MIDI Files with chords and lyrics?

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Can I get MIDI Files with chords and lyrics?

Postby GreyMack » Thu Jan 01, 2004 12:23 am

I'm new to MIDI, started using Cakewalk Express a couple of days ago. I see great potential in using it for accompaniment and to learn and practice new songs. Boy, I've got lots of questions.

Am I likely to discover any MIDI files with chord diagrams and lyrics already in place? I've been using the OLGA database for a couple of years to get chords and lyrics for new songs. I can edit the Staff View in Cakewalk Express to add the chords and lyrics for each song, but it seems like this has surely been done many times before.

Are the instrument voices (or patches) in a portable keyboard like the Yamaha PSR292 going to sound much different than those produced by my PC's sound card? I'm presuming that I'll be able to process MIDI files using Cakewalk Express on the PC and play them through the keyboard and even copy them to the keyboard's memory for when I want to practice without booting up the PC.

Also, any advice on accomplishing the objective of learning and playing along with new songs would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, GM
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Re: Can I get MIDI Files with chords and lyrics?

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