ok, I think I found it, but..

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ok, I think I found it, but..

Postby quasno » Sat Feb 07, 2004 4:44 am

It may be that I can listen to the giutar if I try "input monitering". like it shows in the 46th page of the text... It says you can listen to your instrument no matter if recording or not through your speakers. Now my problem is nothing is happening when I go through the proceedure. It says you have to enable the Audio enjine button and highlight the name of your soundcard in Options/audio/input monitering tab. I did that and I dont hear anything. Please help if you can

Re: ok, I think I found it, but..

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Postby andychap » Sat Feb 07, 2004 9:34 am

Open up you sound card mixer (double click on volume icon in the systray) and go to recording propeties. Make sure you have the source you have the guitar or mic plugged into box checked and the volume is all the way up.

If you are using line in make sure line in on the playback properties is checked as well and the volume up. If it is elec guitar you will probaly need some sort of pre amp between the gutiar and the line in or the signal will be very quiet. If you have a head phone socket on a practice amp it will suffice but turn the volume down before you plug it in and then gradually increase it.

Select an audio track. Make sure your input is your soundcard and you out put soundcard too. Arm the track and start playing. Adjust your levels until they are hot but not clipping. You can play this way without recording and when ready hit record.

If the drivers for your soundcard aren't much good then you will get some latency (lag) on the signal as it is processed. Adjust buffer settings and latency slider until you can play with low latency. About 20ms is about the max you can get away with.
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