Midi, Drums, Help !!!

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Midi, Drums, Help !!!

Postby VIC » Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:26 am

Hay to all

i've just installd my new sonar 2. and the sound of the midi drum track i have writen is terrible.

i used in the past cakewalk express 8 with an old version of yamaha soft synth and it sounded great (very realistic), but now even with a new version of the yamaha soft synth and a new sound card (M-audio's adiophile) its sounds shity.

in the piano view the list of drums on the left vertical pannel is not fit the sound they make in some cases.

is there a guide for using soft synth with cakewalk?


How can i get a real drum sound in the midi tracks ??


Re: Midi, Drums, Help !!!

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