making a music video

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making a music video

Post by howdthattaste » Mon Feb 16, 2004 4:53 am


we are gonna shoot some film on nice cameras.. like a SONY Hi8.

anyway, we are planning on using one camera and doing multiple takes in a studio enviroment, and then flim the song at a live show.

then 'dump' everything in a computer and take the audio from a CD.

then synch up live video to CD and make some cuts and change some angles.

i want to know how i "dump" the camera video from tape to digtal on the computer.. what programs/formats/quality? things like that..

i dont need a detailed description, but if anyone knows, a basic rundown of equipment and hardware requirements would be nice. i hear cakewalk can do this?

its about a 7 minute song.

also, i guess if possible it would be nice to make a .mpg/avi to put on the web... and also make a DVD with the video.

so any suggestions, tips, or cautions would be very helpful!



Re: making a music video

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Post by GretscGuy » Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:46 pm

The most common way to bring digital video into a pc/mac would be via firewire. Sounds like a fun project - I have done similar videos for bands and corporate clients (Compaq, Pepsi, etc...)

First thing you will need is a really good video editing program and a HUGE dedicaded video drive. If you think audio files are big, you haven't seen anything until you've worked with video.

You will want to make sure your video/audio is running at the same sync/frame rate so that everything goes together. There are some good books and on-line articles about doing theis. Recording ran a great article in '97 (?) about this, em did a dvd creation issue last year. Check out your local library as well - they can order you any book you need!

Years ago I worked with dedicated Sony 3/4 inch editing systems then SVHS then Adobe Premier. Now I use Sony's Vegas Video and DVD Architect.

With some propper planning you could have a really cool finished product.

Good Luck
If you need help - let me know.

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Post by howdthattaste » Tue Feb 17, 2004 7:09 pm


thanks a ton! you dont know how helpful that was.

first thing, im not bringing in digital video. its analog tape. probably Hi8 speed film. the video camera has two RCA outs, (audio, video). i would like to know how i get that film into the computer... like literallly. how is the hardware hooked up? and how is the softrware prepared to accept it?

its still kinda a mystery to me.

anyway, once thats done. i would like to know about space. the song is 7mins. so 3 takes of that. and id like high quality.. but not so high where i need a new harddrive. high enough so that at fullscreen (800x600) its looks pretty decent with slight pixelation.. not like professional.... UNLESS.. it would be totallly shitty that way, then ill go pro.

so space is a concern, but also and maybe more importantly, memory. i want control over 3 camera angles, so i suppose they'll have to be loaded. how much memory would i need? (or would a fast processor be enough?)

also, software.... we have a video from way back, a multi-angle live performance. i they used protools to make "cuts" (changing camera angles). also, if there is any other software our there, ie Vegas Video, please let me know.

i dont plan on using a bunch of effects, probably none at all. just lots of camera switches.

also. the sync/frame rate:

where can i find an article on this for like what im doing? im probably not gonna use the audio taken from the cameras. i know the song, ill be able to know if we're sync'ed with the CD.... plus at the live show, we'll probably play faster or slower or something, so i know ill be shifting clips around.

so if you could answer or provide insite for any of these questions, that would be great....also, "if you could just go ahead come in on saturday, yeah, that would be great..."

-see ya

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