How do I program bass and synth melodies

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How do I program bass and synth melodies

Postby BenMochan » Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:39 pm

Hi to all!

I just got my copy of Guitar Tracks Pro recently and am doing pretty well with it. BUT -- I absolutely can't figure out how to program a melody using FruityLoops Express that came with Guitar Tracks. I've downloaded FruityLoops' on-line manual, but it's not exclusively for Pro Express 2.0. FruityLoops refers to a piano keyboard that opens via a button, but I think this is an advanced feature not contained in Pro Express 2.0. The only keyboard I can find is the one that's accessible from the Channel Settings dialog box (click instrument name ----- Channel Settings box opens ----- Click INS button---- keyboard opens). However, all I can do using this keyboard is to change the single note that a bass track (for example) is playing. If I enter a lot of bass notes in a measure and try to program them to play a walking bass, let's say, all I get are repetions of whatever the bass was set for in the first place. How do I program melodies? I'm sure Fruity Loops wouldn't give you bass and synth unless you could use them. And by the way, does anyone know where I can find an online manual dedicated just to FruityLoops Pro Express 2.0?

Thanks a lot for the help. This problem has been driving me batshit!!


Re: How do I program bass and synth melodies

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Postby andychap » Fri Feb 20, 2004 3:35 am

I personnally wouldn't use FruityLoops at all.

It sounds like you are used to the basic sequencer environment using Guitar tracks so now I would look at getting a sequencer like Cakewalk Homestudio or Sonar.

With these you can also compose your bass and melodies either in real time with a musical keyboard or you can enter then in note by note in the piano roll or staff view.

When you have you midi tracks composed and sounding just the way you want them you can then record them as audio slong with your guitar tracks and export them and burn to CD.

If it is just simple backing for your guitar then you can always compose the bass line and drums in loops (like the way FL is supposed to do) in these sequencer style programs.

Have a look at the Cakewalk site and try the demo's out you might be suprised at what you can do with them.
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Postby Guest » Sun Aug 08, 2004 1:54 pm

In the upper right corner of the fruity window(i do not know the proper name newb sorry). The one that opens with the snare, hand claps, and kick drum. There you will find a keyboard like icon(the one on the far right). Click that and a keyboard will pop out of whatever track you have selected. It pops out in the middle of the keyboard, but you can slide the mouse up or down and it will scroll. You can then set the pitch of whatever sample is in the track you selected. If it is kitty cats, then you can make them meow jingle bells, or whatever. Mind you I am telling you this from FRUITY LOOPS VERSION 3.5 I do not know about the version that installs with CAKEWALK. I have gotten farther with Fruity Loops than Cakewalk, but now that I have found the right forum for advice, maybe I can turn that around.

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