Help a girl in distress! Delta 1010lt problem

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Help a girl in distress! Delta 1010lt problem

Post by guest » Tue Feb 24, 2004 4:41 am

Help a girl in distress!

RE M-Audio 1010lt

I'm a noob girly with an M-Audio 1010lt, Sonar 3 and a Tascam DM 24.

When the 1010lt card recives signals...Be it via Mic direct or the mixer I have no control ovr the amount of volume that enters the cards inputs .

For instance. I sing into the mic. The levels are in the red. I slide the slider down in the m-audio control panel for that input track but it does nothing. I am stuck with a card that seems to have all of its settings stuck on 10.

The equivalent problem on a normal mixer would be as if all of the trims and volume sliders were all at max. But in the control panels on M-Audios mixer (software) I turn them down and it does nothing. I hear there is a jumper on the card itself that you can switch phantom power on and off...But still sureley you would still have control of the amount of signal you allow into your card???

I have tried everything including drivers etc but nothing works.

Please help!



Re: Help a girl in distress! Delta 1010lt problem

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Post by ComposerTed » Tue Feb 24, 2004 7:19 am

Hi Chrissy,

My own hardware/software is a little different from yours (M-Audiio with CWMC Pro 2004), but I've had a similar problem, so I will share it in the hopes that it will be helpful. I find that in CWMC (composing notes in staff view and playing them thru DXi synth, neither the windows volume control (programs/accessories/entertainment/volume control) nor the "M Audio Delta Control Panel" affect the sound level at all. What I have found works is to adjust the volume on the tracks in CWMC. Its a bit of a bother as I have to adjust the level way down to spare my ears but then back up when it's time to "bounce to track". Oh well, at least it works.

On the other hand the "Wave" column of the volume control does work if I am playing a wav or wma file in Winamp or Media Player, so it seems to be very much a software dependent thing.

I have not used Sonar, but perhaps you could make a similar adjustment therein?



Post by Guest » Tue Feb 24, 2004 11:13 am


Just a thought, and something that escaped me for a day. I have a Delta 1010, and it took me until day two to realize that I had to scroll over in the control panel to get to the inputs. The ones that show up first in the hardware mixer section are the outputs on mine. Also, make sure you do all the Wav Profiling stuff, and maybe experiment with the ASIO/WDM settings, etc.
If you've already done all that, I dunno.

Good luck,

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