OUTPUT sound of Sonar

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OUTPUT sound of Sonar

Post by Vishy » Thu Apr 08, 2004 4:23 pm

Hello friends,

I'm a beginner in using music software and I'm badly in need of your help/advice.

I have bought Sonar a week ago. But its output is sounding terribly bad. :-( I have no clue why it is so.. I looked into the sampling rate ( 44.khz) and rest everything looks good. ( In midimapper, input has nothing -- output has microsoft wavesw synth )
The tutorials ( like how we do etc..) sounds really bad. I have DELTA 66 sound card connected. Rest of the audio files thru media player, jukebox sounds good. Can you please help me if I did something wrong.....If you have faced similar issues before, any advice to this beginner will be of great help to me.

The second problem I'm facing is, the output of the track ( audio set to master ) of the recorded audio is hardly audible... Volume is so low that I can only hear something if I increase the sound of my audio system to maximum..
First I created a track -- connected microphone to the sound card and set the volume to +0 db and recorded the vocals. However when I pressed playback, the volume is very low ... ( in addition to the disturbance in the sonar output sound that I mentioned above ).

Your suggestion will help me a lot ... Thanks again,


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Post by Guest » Fri Apr 09, 2004 1:16 pm

I have put the same question to another forum and I got my answers.

I changed the driver from WDM to ASIO - Sounds wonderful...

Just thought of sharing this piece of info with you guys,


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