Criminy! I caint get Sonar3 to record my midi keyboard!

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Criminy! I caint get Sonar3 to record my midi keyboard!

Post by crashingheart » Mon May 24, 2004 10:23 pm

Hey guys!

I recently purchased a Casio midi keyboard in hopes of recording some drum tracks on Sonar 3. The sales rep in the music store told me to use a USB Midi interface as it would work faster and better than connecting my keyboard up thru the soundcard. First, it took me hours to get my computer (Windows XP) to properly install the USB Midi interface. But after that crucible, I'm was faced with Sonar not recording anything my keyboard plays. I've got everything hooked up properly but when I arm and record in the midi track, nothing shows up; no notes, no nothing. Should I run the midi interface thru the soundcard?

What gives?

Re: Criminy! I caint get Sonar3 to record my midi keyboard!

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Post by andychap » Tue May 25, 2004 12:50 pm

Make sure you have the USB interface selected as your midi input in Options > Midi devices.

Try swapping the cables around at the keyboard end, just in case.

Make sure you have selected the USB Interface and omni for the input on your actual midi track.

If you still have no joy then it is probably the USB interface not working.

If you play a midi file with the interface selected as you midi out do you hear it though your keyboard?

Is there any activity showing ob the little keyboard icon in the Systray?

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Post by Chris60 » Thu May 27, 2004 12:51 pm

Hi Crashingheart - the advise Andychap gave is A+.

If you check the things he advised and still have nothing... then start looking for midi related featured on your keyboard. I had a similar frustrating experience when I purchased my Yamaha P-250. I could play midi files through my usb interface and everything played through the keyboard, but I could not record a sound.

I had gone through the system midi setting on the keyboard that are accessed from one button on the keyboards control panel and for the life of me could not figure out why I could not record anything. Turns out that there's was another little button on the other side of the control panel that said "midi out". I pressed that button and viola! :oops:

My point here is that if you've done what Andy suggested and still can't record, then start looking at ALL of the various buttons/settings on your keyboard and it never hurts to look through the keyboard's user manual.

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