hookink up midi to 4 to 5 midi devises

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hookink up midi to 4 to 5 midi devises

Postby TJWindsor » Wed Jun 02, 2004 5:09 pm

:evil: I can' seem to get all that i want to run in cakewalk with my devises and to record guitar sound. inow haow to put my drum machine in but thats all. I'm confused. need help.

Re: hookink up midi to 4 to 5 midi devises

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Postby HDB » Wed Jun 02, 2004 11:17 pm

Gonna need to supply more info, I would imagine. What MIDI devices do you have? What are you using to connect them to the computer? What are you trying to use to record audio? How are you connecting everything.
Keep in mind that if you just hook all your MIDI devices in a big straight line, (or a series loop), you could have some MIDI delay issues.

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Postby Bryan128 » Sat Jul 03, 2004 2:56 am

How the heck do you have 4 to 5 midi devices son i only have one keyboard! Dang im poor

Postby GretscGuy » Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:26 am

I have a paralell port motu 8x8 midi interface that cost about $60.00 on flea-bay. I have my controller keyboard, my console (I use a digital console with MMC transposrt control), an Alesis D4, Roland Groovebox and Kurzweil K2600R all hooked together.

Just set up your midi interface, select the ports in Cakewalk (Tools, Instruments) and then define what you have on each port.

Should work without any problems!
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