Exported .wav file blares up loud at the end:(

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Exported .wav file blares up loud at the end:(

Postby Greg R » Mon Jul 04, 2005 4:28 pm

In Pro Audio 9 I mixed a vocal and midi-as-audio using Waves Diamond Bundle effects. The final mixdown sounds fine but when I export to a .wav and play with Windows Media Player the music intro is kinda loudish and at the end of the song when the vocal ends the last couple measures of instrumental just blare up exaggeratedly loud. I burned the .wav to a CD-RW and still the same ugly effect. Again, the final mixdown sounds just great within Cakewalk but the exported .wav of the mixdown does not sound the same. I'm careful to solo just that mixdown track and I tried unchecking all the controller options in the Export to Wav window before exporting but it makes no difference. It's almost like the vocal and midi lean hard against each other in a truce but when the vocal is done, the music just blares right up at the end. Ughh, what am I doing wrong? (Have RVox on vocal with 25db preset and L1+ Ultramaximizer on final mixdown with "final master/highest resol." preset.)
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Re: Exported .wav file blares up loud at the end:(

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