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Click track

Postby andrew » Wed Sep 24, 2003 6:15 am

I am trying to build a click track from scratch that will slow down and change tempo gradually. Do you know if this is possible on Cakewalk Express? And if so I am very new to cakewalk so any help will be a big help! Thanks,


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Postby andychap » Thu Sep 25, 2003 6:25 am

Hi Andrew,

If you check out this thread by Pootle you will see what was advised by myself and Brian. It should apply to cakewalk express. It's that long since I used express I can't remember any of the features so I couldn't actually guide you though it.

I also created a midi click track for pootle which you can download from here. Just right click and save as.

Just import it into your new project and to vary tempo changes just locate the measure you wish the tempo to change and inset tempo change thru the insert menu. Do this at any points along the track.
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